Think of any meeting venue’s vast floor space as an empty canvas with endless possibilities. With FloorCLING™ you have the freedom of branding practically any floor surface, indoors or outdoors. You can even direct foot traffic over concrete, marble tile, stone, wood or carpet.

Maximum print width: 44"
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FloorCLING™ is great for short-term use. Easy to apply, easy to remove. No adhesive residue is left behind. Safe for virtually any flooring surface.
FloorCLING™ even sticks to upholstery fabrics. Envision transforming rows and rows of mundane venue chairs into dynamic branding opportunities.

• Textured, non-slip surface
• ASTM tested and certified for foot traffic safety
• Use indoors or outdoors
• Sticks to almost any floor surface
• Leaves behind no adhesive residue, when removed
• Graphics can be contour cut to any size or shape

Floor Application Directions:
Brush the intended surface to remove loose particles. You’re now ready to apply. Flip the graphic so the printed surface faces down and the paper release liner is facing you. You next want to expose a strip of the adhesive by folding down and creasing the release liner approximately 1” from the top edge of the printed graphic. Now, flip the graphic back over and position it over your desired floor location. Using the squeegee tool provided, firmly press down the exposed 1” adhesive to hold the graphic in place and keep it from shifting. Then, slowly pull back the release liner, exposing more adhesive. Squeegee back and forth as you go, using firm, overlapping strokes to avoid trapping air bubbles underneath. Lastly, make one final pass with the squeegee around the perimeter, applying firm pressure to insure improved surface contact.

Removal: Lift a corner of the graphic and peel it back at a low, sharp angle using short quick strokes. No adhesive will be left behind.




Graphics can be contour cut to any size or shape
Maximum print width: 44"


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