Green Mid-Density Plastic Reusable

Intended for limited service, the SMARTsigns®|AIR is the lighter and more economical of our two reusable sign materials. Its mid-density plastic background is a definite step up the durability scale, when compared to fragile foam, but well below our virtually indestructible EDGE with its five-year limited warranty.

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When you're ready to step up from fragile foamcore signs, we offer two distinct reusable options.

For absolute durability and long service life, nothing beats our premium EDGE with its unprecedented 5 year warranty.

But, if you'd prefer to forego indestructibility in favor of a lighter, less robust, but more economical reusable sign, then consider our AIR.

The AIR offers a number of appealing features and benefits...

• Lightweight mid-density plastic, more durable than common disposable foam signs
• With proper care and handling, sturdy enough for extended service
• Lighter weight reduces shipping costs, eases handling on-site
• Specially-formulated digital inks for crisp, vibrant, direct print graphic images
• A tough clear surface coating resists marring, abrasion, and harmful UV rays
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Eco-friendly, virtually no material waste in the production process

Why buy several signs when one will do? That’s the central theme behind all our Add-On Options...

SMARTlens® Our unique SMARTlens® drives the AIR’s true value. Create meeting messages on your desktop printer, pull back the lens, insert the paper print, and your next “new” sign is ready.
StickR+ Graphics Have a special branded meeting? Forget new signs. Instead, apply removable StickR+ Graphics on the sign face. These opaque temporary decals peel off cleanly, when done.
Directional Arrows Need to direct traffic? Thanks to a special low-tack adhesive, our reusable Directional Arrows can be placed anywhere on your signs and easily removed for future use.



Instructions for Standard Layout Sizing and Bleeds:
AIR Background

22”w x 28”h | Set up as 22.5”w x 28.5”h
24”w x 36”h | Set up as 24.5”w x 36.5”h
(Set up with a .25” bleed all the way around)
*Custom sizes available upon request

Outside Edge | 12.25”w x 9.75”h
Inside Window | 10.75”w x 8.25”h
Outside Edge | 15.25”w x 9.75”h
Inside Window | 13.75”w x 8.25”h
Outside Edge | 18.25”w x 12.25”h
Inside Window | 16.75”w x 10.75”h

Note: 0.75” black border is imprinted on lens


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