Green Reusable MAXXlite™ Plastic

The revolutionary SMARTsigns®|EDGE  is engineered like no other reusable sign solution we’ve ever produced. Its custom extruded lightweight plastic background is virtually indestructible to last years. Carries a five-year limited warranty. Plus, it’s recyclable. 

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We started from scratch... new materials, new digital print technology, new finishing methods, new high-end features. The result... our revolutionary SMARTsigns®|EDGE, the most advanced reusable sign solution ever! There is simply nothing else like it - another Madison Avenue exclusive. The EDGE sets the new standard for extreme durability in a lightweight package.

• A virtually indestructible, impact resistant thermoplastic background
• Custom formulated bright white print face for vibrant direct print graphics
• A tough clear surface coating resists marring, abrasion, and harmful UV rays
• Beveled edges and corners for a softer “hand feel” finish
• Lighter weight* reduces shipping costs, easier to handle on-site
• Easy to clean and maintain, plus it's RECYCLABLE
• 5-Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Why buy several signs when one will do? That’s the central theme behind all our Add-On Options...

SMARTlens® Our unique SMARTlens® drives the AIR’s true value. Create meeting messages on your desktop printer, pull back the lens, insert the paper print, and your next “new” sign is ready.
StickR+ Graphics Have a special branded meeting? Forget new signs. Instead, apply removable StickR+ Graphics on the sign face. These opaque temporary decals peel off cleanly when done.
Directional Arrows Need to direct traffic? Thanks to a special low-tack adhesive, our reusable Directional Arrows can be placed anywhere on your signs and easily removed for future use.



Instructions for Standard Layout Sizing and Bleeds:
EDGE Background

22”w x 28”h | Set up as 22.5”w x 28.5”h
24”w x 36”h | Set up as 24.5”w x 36.5”h
(Set up with a .25” bleed all the way around)
*Custom sizes available upon request

Outside Edge | 12.25”w x 9.75”h
Inside Window | 10.75”w x 8.25”h
Outside Edge | 15.25”w x 9.75”h
Inside Window | 13.75”w x 8.25”h
Outside Edge | 18.25”w x 12.25”h
Inside Window | 16.75”w x 10.75”h

Note: 0.75” black border is imprinted on lens


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